Land Transportation Office - National Capital Region East (G/F LTO Main Office Bldg., East Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines)



(For Driver License Applicants Only)

Note: For Motorcycle Only

(Updated as of March 20, 2023)


Note: The online appointment on LTO NCR East – Driver’s Education Center Free Practical Driving Course (PDC) for new driver’s license applicants will be announce until further notice. We are preparing the venue and the materials needed for the said course. Thank you for understanding.


NOTE: Only 17 YEARS OLD and above and below 65 YEARS OLD are allowed to enter and attend the Seminar. Bring your Vaccination Card .

1. Please come on time on your chosen schedule to avoid forfeiture of appointment.
2. Participants/students will undergo series of MOTORCYCLE driving exercises. it is imperative to:

a. Bring your VALID driver’s license / student permit (must not be expired)
b. You may bring your own Motorcycle (must be accompanied by a duly license driver). 
c. Be in decent/proper riding attire. no short pants, sleeveless shirts/blouse and slippers. high-heeled shoes and sandals shall not be allowed to undergo the course.
D. Bring your own Safety Gear (Elbow Pad, Knee Pad & Helmet)
3. Bring your Vaccination Card.

4. Please bring your own ballpen. (Black or blue ink)
5. Wearing of face mask is stringently implemented. no face mask, no entry.
6. Only 25 applicants will be catered per day. 
7. Switch to silent mode all communication devices during lecture.
8. Individuals with 37.5 degrees Celsius and above temperature shall be denied entry. those with cough and colds shall be barred from attending the lecture.
9. Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be immediately barred from entry
10. Bring your own snacks/drinks.


(Every Saturday only: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Dates with RED SHADE means already FULLY BOOKED,
Just in case, you have entered the wrong email address, you may use the chat feature on this website to contact us about your appointment confirmation.